Previous Projects:

In August of 2013, For a Change, Defend went to Arya Samaj School located in the village of Subathu in Himachel Pradesh, India. The founder of FCD, Pooja Nagpal, taught self-defense and women empowerment to around 40 girls in the school.

As a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Pooja had always wanted to use her passion for martial arts to good use. She spent one month in India; over 100 hours teaching, preparing a curriculum, and leaving sustainability such as videos, worksheet, etc. She taught defense techniques ranging from various hand and foot techniques to pressure point. Furthermore, she held daily discussions on how to become a leader, empower yourself, and use your physical training and strength to fuel mental empowerment.

Due to the phenomenal results and improvement of the girls in India, she was inspired to create this organization and continue her work in the South Bay. Pooja hopes she can create a movement where physical defense and mental empowerment go hand in hand to foster women empowerment globally.

Check out the Gallery tab and the Video on the Home Page for more info on the project in Himachel Pradesh.

Current Projects:

For a Change, Defend is currently working in collaboration with the New Star Family Justice Center to provide self-defense training and mental empowerment to teen students in the South Bay.

This summer of 2015, Pooja traveled to Delhi, India to teach in numerous government schools, villages, women colleges, Blind Institutes for girls, and more. 












Future Projects: