Pooja Nagpal is currently a 16 year old Junior attending Mira Costa High School. As a trained black belt in martial arts, a disciplined trainee of Tae Kwon Do for 7 years, she has always wanted to use her self-defense skills for the better of women worldwide.  After reading about the great amount of sexual assaults and domestic abuse targeted towards women all over the world, she knew she had to help. India especially is considered the fourth most dangerous country in the world for women, where a man dominated lifestyle is imposed upon much of the nation, especially the traditional lifestyle of rural villages.

In August of 2013, Pooja traveled to rural India to teach self defense to around 40 girls in Arya School. She spent over 100 hours teaching and developing a curriculum which consists of over 40 videos, worksheets, activities and more.After seeing the great improvement in that village which consisted of both physical strength and most importantly, mental empowerment (more motivated girls, high test scores, great confidence etc. ), Pooja wanted to do the same here in the South Bay. Much teen violence and domestic abuse of wives and mothers occur without much knowledge of their taking place. Not only is FCD's goal is awareness, but also to provide the self defense service to those not fortunate to pay for it. Pooja believes that the day women walk the streets without fear and gain the respect women deserve, our world will see the true empowerment and strength of girls and women.

New Star Family Justice Center

For a Change, Defend is officially a partner of the New Star Family Justice Center. This non-profit organization has the changed lives of many families with their mission to provide social service to women and children, especially domestic violence victims. Through partnerships with several social services and donations, women and children have benefited greatly by NSFJC.
  Our partnership will consist of an emphasis upon the elimination of teen dating violence and most importantly, the empowerment of young girls for future generations. Teaching in high schools and middle schools in low income areas is our priority.



Women's Voices Now

Women's voices now is a non profit organization which raises awareness of structural and gender-based violence through publishing documentary films. Through the films they inform and educate others to participate in the fight against violence.



Soroptomist International

Soroptomist Club of Manhattan Beach and S.I. support For a Change, Defend. We greatly thank them for their support and donations towards this cause.